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– Mena Fombo, Founder

“Black Girl Convention is a movement to ensure that ALL womxn* of African and Caribbean heritage have a sense of home, by sharing, shaping and owning the ‘Black Girl Experience’.”

BGC2017 photo credit Angela Dennis


About Black Girl Convention

Black Girl Convention was born in 2017, launched by Mena Fombo following her No You Cannot Touch My Hair campaign and TEDx Talk in Bristol. If you ever wondered what happens when love meets power…

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BGC: 2019

The South West‘s Black Girl Convention returns to Bristol for its third year, connecting all things hair and beauty, health & wellbeing, business and enterprise, arts, digital and technology for womxn and girls of African and Caribbean heritage.

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Our events are intergenerational and we believe that sharing the lived experience across generations is integral to our personal growth, strengthens our communities, and widens our support network.

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The South West’s Black Girl Convention returned for its second year, connecting all things hair, health & wellbeing, media, arts, technology, business and enterprise for women and girls of African and Caribbean heritage.
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Kind Words

  • The Black Girl Convention was an experience like no other. To be around a group of powerful, beautiful, supporting women was a dream. So often I go to conventions where the environment is not welcoming. it was great to be around women who are genuine and eager to teach and learn with enthusiasm.
    Ashley Akunna, BGC 2018
  • This platform amplifies the voices of Black women, facilitates connection to support one another and celebrates the strides we are making. It was an honour to be a speaker on the Black Girl Convention stage and share the lessons that empowered me with others.
    Kelly-Ann Fonderson, BGC 2018
  • Performing at Bristol’s first Black Girl Convention was a huge honour. To be in the room with great, Black, female minds of all ages was electric. We all knew something special was growing in the sisterhood.
    Dionne Draper, Performer/Sing With Soul Founder, BGC2017
  • The [event] spoke to the idea that, no matter what stage in life, black women have a unifying experience and sentiment that draws them together.
    Chante, Panel member and attendee, BGC2017

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